Learn how to be fully connected to your head, heart, and gut so that you can successfully lead people through change. Through six guided 1:1 coaching sessions, you will prepare yourself for the challenges that come from leading people through change.

  • We will work together to figure out your type, subtype, wing, center of intelligence, instinctual center, and harmony triad.

  • You will learn where you go under stress, and the warning signs to be aware of.

  • You will learn strategies that will help you access all nine types, so that you have a fuller tool box for leadership.

  • You will take a deeper look at how you relate to others in your life, and uncover how to better connect, engage in conflict, and communicate with others.

  • You will learn what’s hiding in your blindspots.

  • You will learn your key need, and how to develop a relationship with God that fills that need, so that you aren’t inadvertently looking for others your church to fill it.


Pay as you go: $125 per session

Prepay for all six sessions: $700


  • Instructional teaching with an in-depth overview of the enneagram which includes: all nine types, wings, subtypes, and triads.

  • Understanding the difference in thinking, feeling, and behaving of each team member.

  • Learning the passion, virtue, and communication style of each type.

  • Interactive group activities for team building.

  • Tools for each individual to take home to continue personal development.

This can be adapted for staff teams, boards, and entire organizations (church or business).


Mini Session (3 hours): $450

Full Session (8 hours): $1200