Meet Margot!


This week our family grew by the addition of yet another girl. Jeff's now outnumbered 6-1. The girls have been asking for a puppy for awhile, and every time we drove by a Petco, the chatter in the car would turn to puppies as they eyed the big red and blue logo on the side of the road. I would remind them that we couldn't get a puppy until everyone was potty trained. That always seemed like a long way out. But a few months ago, Harper was potty trained and they certainly didn't forget my words.

Saturday night, little Margot arrived and our house hasn't been the same since. We're thankful for beautiful, 70 degree weather to play outside and acclimate to life with a puppy. We've also given up sleeping through the night. Margot's been a sweet, snuggly little thing so far.