In the Ordinary

It seems we’re always looking for God to show up in some dramatic way. 

Our eyes are in search of a burning bush or a parted sea. We love it when things are dramatic, because we want a good story to tell. But the more I listen to people’s stories, the more I’m becoming aware of the subtleties of God. God certainly can and does work in big dramatic ways, we tend to miss the way that God works in the small, the ordinary.

It’s easy to worship God out at a weekend retreat. All you have to do is show up, and a creative team has intricately planned and prepared an environment guaranteed to inspire and enlighten you. Your time is 100% devoted to that weekend, that retreat, that space in time. Your mind has set aside those hours to be focused, centered and in tune to God.

It creates a high.

The music. The speaker. The solitude. The oneness with creation. The absence of daily responsibilities and obligations. It’s no wonder people find clarity and are inspired to renew their spiritual life.

But we can’t live every day on a high.

That’s why I’m looking for something more sustainable. I’m looking for God every day, in the ordinary. Not in the parted seas. Not in the shooting stars and rainbows.

I’m looking for God in the every day moments, in the people I interact with on a regular basis.