Reading Right Now

I just finished reading Nadia Bolz Weber's Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong people.  It's a story about God's grace and forgiveness, and the broken, unforgivable, inhuman people who that good news is for. We all need to be reminded that God is at work in the most ordinary people, and that we are all simultaneously saints and sinners. I'll write a review on it soon (here)!

Today I curled up with Diana Butler Bass' Grounded: Finding God in the world- a spiritual revolution. "God is not a far-off Weaver of the Web, like God once depicted as the Watchmaker who assembled creation and left it to run on its own. No, God is part of the web, entangled right here with us."

 Kathleen Norris' Dakota: A Spiritual Geography arrived and I can't wait to get started!

I Practice Simple Living but I still love my stuff, by Sarah Bessey. "My soul craves and finds rest in handmade over commercial, slow over fast, quiet over loud, old over new, cozy over modern, tidy over messy, clean over clutter, comfortable over stylish."

Donald Miller's A Quick Way to Make Sure People Talk Kindly About You. "Characters who "save the cat" are more beloved by an audience of movie-goers.

Did you catch Cindy Brandt's series on Raising Children Un-Fundamentalist?